‘Buy the storage’ notification on Google workspace must have been annoying but no more now

Google tech giant that provides a dimension of service to its users all across the world has come up with something very new. Some of you might have observed a notification on your Google Drive or Google doc that you need to buy storage.

Earlier Google used to provide 15 GB of storage to each user and further extensions had some charge attached to them. Charges are still there but the minimum amount of storage that you can use for free has been extended by Google. Now users can use 1TB of storage without any cost.

Cloud computing storage is one of the necessary things for startups and organizations to thrive and this move by Google will allow them to thrive better and grow faster than ever. You don’t need to do anything. Google will automatically upgrade the storage cloud data limit on every Google workspace account from 15 GB to 1TB.

Currently, Google offers a 3-month plan of 100 GB storage for Rs 130  per month, and 200 GB storage for Rs 210 per month. So if you were annoyed by Google’s notification of ‘buy the storage’ now you need not.


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