Google is working on its messaging app to make it more interactive and attractive by adding these features

Google is trying to add new features in the Google messaging app with every passing day recently it added end-to-end encryption support for the RCS group chats. And now Google is focusing to make it a better alternative to other chat apps by making it interactive and interesting. There is a screenshot surfacing on Reddit in which it can be seen that Google is preparing to add profiles of users in the app.

Along with that in the image, several options suggest something super cool. One of the options is Profile sharing which will let others see your profile that you can enable or disable as your convenience. Visibility control how you want your profile shared has got two setting one in which you can enable notifications for contacts updates and another one is about notifications for new contacts added. Chances are there that these features can come in the future Beta build of the Message app.

The profile option would enable users to identify other users in a group chat or if someone would message them from an unknown number. This feature is going to keep Google messaging ahead of the Apple iMessage as even it has not got this profile feature. You would also be able to see a single circle for sent messages, a double circle for the delivered messages,s and fill up the circle for on-read messages.


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