Google introduces a new feature called Magic Eraser to Pixel 6A and other Pixel smartphones

Google features a new editing tool named the Magic Eraser on its Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro smartphones. Magic Eraser tool is designed to remove people or objects from photographs. Google added the feature as a standard eraser tool that acts as camouflage.

The new Magic Eraser tool works like Photoshop’s content-aware fill by selecting a photograph and then using information from the surrounding image to remove the unwanted subject from the photograph and at the same time, it also fills the area. The Magic Eraser functions well when the subject is isolated from its surrounding objects. However, if the subject overlaps with its surrounding object and other elements of the image then it becomes difficult to separate the subject.

However, with its Camouflage technique, one can desaturate the subject with its surrounding objects in order to make it less distracting. The Magic Eraser works well with portrait mode and reflects more details on the subject while de-emphasizing the surrounding. So, it works great if someone wants to initiate a blur effect on the surrounding.

Google’s Pixel 6A will come with this feature while Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will get the Camouflage tool soon on July 28.