An ALLEGED benchmark for Apple’s M2 Max chip has surfaced online

According to reports, the upcoming Apple Macs are to be equipped with M2 MAX Chip. And recently according to the pictures surfacing online the Apple M2 MAX chip has been tested by Geekbench a cross-platform utility for benchmarking the central processing units.

In the test, the single-core score of 1853 whereas the multi-core score of 13855. These scores appeared on the Geekbench 5 browser today in the morning at 9:46.

As per the Benchmark listing, the device will be powered by the macOS 13.2 ( Build 22D21 ) operating system. A Mac 14,6 motherboard has been installed in the mac. Talking about processor the it has an octa-core Apple M2 Max processor with a base frequency of 3.54 GHz. Equipped with 128 KB L1 instruction cache, 64.0 KB L1 Data cache, and 4.00 MB L2 cache. With storage of 96 GB.

The Single-core performance has been distributed furtherly:

  1. It has a single core score of 1853.
  2. It has a Crypto score of 2919.
  3. This has an integer score of 1678.
  4. It has a floating-point score of 2055.
  5. Last and not least it has an AES-XTS score of 2919 with a speed of 4.98 GB per second.


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