Taiwan hit by earthquake of 6.8 magnitude , Japan on alert

Self-governed island Taiwan has been badly shaken by a series of earthquakes that scientists say emerged from a shallow depth of 7Km only on Sunday. 

Taiwanese authorities have reported that the earthquake was 6.8 on the Richter scale and emerged near Taitung city of Taiwan on the southeastern coast. 

Reports from authorities have confirmed the collapse of a two-story residential building near the epicenter. The shaking was felt at the north end of the island in the capital Taipei.

Havoc did not only stop there Japan’s meteorological agency has issued an advisory for tsunamis that can be up to 1 meter long in height that would reach several southwestern islands of Japan. 

According to the report, the tsunami is most likely to reach Yonaguni island at the earliest 110 km east of Taiwan around 4:10 pm and subsequently hit three islands. Authorities have asked people to vacate the coastline as soon as possible to avoid any causality. 


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