West turned red when China’s rocket booster fell in blue

China is extensively trying to dominate space. Its recent attempt to make its own analog of the International Space Station is one of the most expensive and ambitious projects by China. It was just about recently when it launched the last rocket that would unite with its Space station and complete the whole process. This has posed a problem for China. Every single part or component needs a rocket booster that takes that component to space.

As soon as that component gets detached it falls back onto earth. The same thing happened recently when a charred remnant of a rocket booster plunged uncontrollably back to earth. Waste has brutally commented on this irresponsible risky move by the Chinese national space administration. Various experts and delegates from the US commented that they should have been informed about it. Though it crash-landed in the Pacific, it could have posed a threat to life. China usually does not share its information about space with the US.

Western organizations want different organizations working all across the world in the domain of space to work together. But the extensive work going on in the space domain causes problems that can be frequent but it would be interesting to see how different organizations all over the world come together to solve this issue.


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