Take 3: Artemis 1 to Moon mission to be launched today, check here

Artemis 1 is seen as the first step into the new space age. In the missions that will follow, human beings will go back to the Moon.

The mission objective of Artemis 1 is only a lunar orbiter mission and it has a return-to-earth target.

On Wednesday at 1:04 am EST, a two-hour window will open for NASA to make a third attempt to send it’s new 322-foot tall, multi-billion dollar rocket known as the Space Launch System (SLS), to the Moon.

It will be the first test flight of the agency’s new Space Launch System megarocket and the Orion crew capsule. The SLS rocket will launch the uncrewed Orion spacecraft on an approximately 42-day mission, during which it will orbit the moon before returning to Earth.

A series of hydrogen fuel leaks and other problems halted back-to-back launch attempts which were held on August 29 and September 3.

But now it is all set to launch after all repair work and technical issues are done.


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