Secure Yourself as Asteroid 2022 UB Coming towards to Earth

NASA said that asteroid 2022 UB is coming toward Earth.

Flybys of asteroids have been quite common in recent months, with over 35 passing during each of August, September, and October, and it is anticipated that this number will rise in November. Unexpectedly, two more asteroid flybys are anticipated today. Yesterday, two asteroids came extremely near to Earth, missing the globe by a few million kilometers.

Asteroid 2022 UB

Today, October 18, a large asteroid roughly 58 feet broad asteroid2022 UB will pass quite close to Earth. At a distance of 3.9 million kilometers, the asteroid, known as Asteroid 2022 UB, will make its closest approach to the earth. 28152 kilometers per hour is the asteroid’s incredible speed as it approaches the planet! Asteroid 2022 UB was categorized as a potentially dangerous object despite not being predicted to hit Earth and passing so near to it. The asteroid’s course might change slightly owing to its impact on the planet’s gravitational field, sending it hurtling toward Earth.

Asteroid 2022 UB is a member of the Amor group, according to The asteroid takes 715 days to complete one circle around the Sun. Its highest and closest distances from the Sun throughout its orbit are 315 million and 153 million kilometers, respectively.


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