Pillars of creation captured in deep space captured by James Webb Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope has been sending spectacular mind-blowing images of deep space since it has been launched. This time it seems to have captured the pillars of creation. NASA on Friday posted a picture taken by NASA’s James Webb Telescope and it looked like pillars.

They wrote “this is not an ethereal landscape of time-forgotten tombs. Nor are these soot-tinged fingers reaching out. These pillars flush with gas and dust enshroud stars that are slowly forming over many millennia.

NASA James Webb Space telescope has snapped this eerie extremely dusty view of the pillars of creation in mid-infrared light showing us the new view of a familiar landscape”.

a research organization gives the answer for this spectacular image captured by the telescope that mid-infrared light specializes in detailing where dust is.

There might be so many planets and stars forming in there but because of not being covered by the dust they are not visible. According to NASA, the densest areas of the dust are also the darkest shades of grey.


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