New James Webb Space Telescope reveals hidden galaxy

Navigating through dark matter in dense space, the New James Webb Space Telescope of NASA registered a bending of light. This light bending was a result of a huge gravitational force caused by a galaxy cluster. The whole thing led to the revelation of a new hidden galaxy that went unnoticed by Hubble 10 years ago.

Space Telescope Science Institute astronomer, Dan Coe, the scientist who discovered the galaxy cluster  MACS0647-JD ten years ago using Hubble said observation with the Webb now reveals two galaxies instead of one. Further, NASA also informed that Webb used the gravitational lensing phenomenon to observe the galaxy. They said that the galaxy formed in the first 400 million years of the big bang.

A statement issued by NASA showed the contemplation the scientists are undergoing regarding the newly revealed galaxy.

“We’re actively discussing whether these are two galaxies or two clumps of stars within a galaxy,”  said Coe who also invented an instrument for Webb’s near-infrared camera, “We don’t know, but these are the questions that Webb designed to help us answer,” he added.

Check out the pictures and videos posted by the official NASAWebb Twitter handle of the newly discovered galaxy:-


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