Neuralink show and tell that was to happen in October will now happen in November 30

Neuralink, an ambitious company that thinks of solving mental problems by installing a chip in the human brain, is co-founded by Elon Musk. And is in news recent times Musk has directed his focus on the Neuralink project that is supposed to solve a plethora of mental problems.

This eagerness could be well observed in Musk’s restlessness because of Neuralink’s slow work to get regulatory permission for the testing.  Earlier in August Musk addressed the audience and said that the Neuralink show and tell would happen on Oct 31. But a recent tweet by musk has revealed that this talk now would occur on November 30.

People were eagerly waiting for Musk’s announcement and recent results gathered from research on monkeys. But as the date has been extended we would have to wait for a while. As to see what this man has got into his brain this time.


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