NASA’s InSight Mars mission, nears its end; know the reason behind it

NASA’s InSight lander was sent to Mars in the year 2018. However, it landed during a dust storm. But its heat shield was thick to resist the storm and had a super-strong parachute to handle the air resistance during a dust storm.

Consequently, InSight landed safely in the region called Elysium Planitia of Mars. This region is the flattest area on Mars, also nicknamed the parking lot.

However, the dust on Mars due to the storm has been frequently blown over InSight and as a consequence, the lander is now rapidly being covered in red Martian dust. Additionally, due to this InSight’s solar panels are declining power. Even it had been totally switched off on May 7 after a massive drop in the power.

Hence, NASA has said that InSight’s death is near. Based on the current energy level, it will be switched off in mid-July or early July. Consequently, it is now only using the energy that is left. The energy will last over the next couple of weeks, then for six or 12 hours per Martian day.