NASA posted a tweet of a two piece bikini model on twitter

Until NASA was trying to showcase their new astronaut uniform, it was mostly an accident that the US space agency posted a tweet on April 16th 2022, in which a model is featured in two – piece bikini with Bloomberg Story of retail giant Shein.

After this weird post happened to gain more attention, Eric Berger the senior editor of Ars Technica informed the audience that the NASA Twitter account was hacked.

Later, the post also got deleted which was brought to light by Eric Berger, while he shared the screenshot of the same and also shared that information on his Twitter handle (@SciGuySpace) – Eric Berger.

The NASA tweet read,’Fast-fashion giant Shein is sinking its teeth into US consumers as it eyes a $100 billion valuation’ above the bikini picture features below it.

Although it is still impossible to say what happened behind the screen and NASA still hasn’t tweeted anything after that post got deleted.

Nowadays, hacking is all the way possible and the Bloomberg article related to Shein published 5 days before the tweet post, doesn’t seem to be a kind of evidence.

After all, that post doesn’t seem to be involved in any phishing,money gambling or any kind of a scam which is one of many reasons to hack the accounts by hackers.

Looking towards the other side of a story, it can look like that the social media manager of the agency may have made the mistake.

We all know that social media managers do handle multiple accounts at a time, they keep switching from one account to another account and maybe at that time, this weird situation could have been gone online.

In the past, we can easily track such incidents that happened, like when Heinz accidentally posted something a lot spicier than ketchup on its feed in 2015.

Since NASA events haven’t caused any harm yet, let’s keep hoping for the best that no one loses their precious job if it was anyone’s mistake from the agency.