NASA and SpaceX are planning together making space inhabitable

While you are living your usual life on earth SpaceX and NASA are preparing to make space an inhabitable place for humans. Because when it comes to Musk nothing sounds ambitious or imaginary and he is proving this by working day and night with NASA. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 will launch with 3,500 kg of cargo from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station at 2:24 am IST for NASA on November 23.

This two-stage rocket will be lifted off as part of the 26th resupply mission. These experiments are going to help NASA to enable survival in outer space.

Growing tomatoes in space

Astronauts currently living in the ISS started focusing on growing dwarf tomatoes in space under the name of the veg 05 experiments. To ensure food security on earth it’s required that will look for other places to grow these things. This idea would be successful be able to grow nutritious food in that’s too in space.

Diagnosis and space

There is a diagnostic kit that is the plan NASA to enable astronauts to diagnose various issues. The state involves a portable handheld because that will help in taking the images. A self-contained blood sample staining device stains the blood sample that will be looked at under a microscope and will be sent to scientists on earth.

Microgravity habitat construction

Space is an advantageous place that enables the fabrication of longer and thinner structures without causing them to deform. That’s why liquid resin will also be sent to make shapes that cannot be creatures on earth.


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