Hear the breathing sound of magnetic field the saviour

Out there in space, there is a plethora of charged particles and cosmic radiation that can affect life on earth. Earth is very vulnerable to these things as we float in the middle of space. But the catch is Earth’s magnetic field protects us as a complex and dynamic bubble keeping us safe from this harmful exposure.

What if we could hear this savior? Recently European space agency researchers from the Technical University of Denmark took the magnetic signals measured by the space agency’s Swarm Satellite Mission. This mission was meant to survey magnetic fields and convert them to sound. The 5 minutes audio includes eerie cracks, crackling sounds, and deep breathing sounds.

It will feel as if the magnetic field is not just a physical entity but a divine being who is saving us from all those things that can harm us. To make this spectacular thing possible they placed different speakers at different locations in an underground place. Each speaker meant the location of Earth that has fluctuated over the last 100,000 years.

Hear the sound



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