Have you ever seen sun smiling, if not witness it now

Imagine a day when you go on the roof to see the white and bright moon and after a few seconds you observe a pattern of faces forming out of nowhere. It must be shocking for you to imagine but what if it’s about true?

Actually the same happened just after the solar eclipse when a NASA satellite tried to capture an image of the sun. Interestingly it found a pattern of smiling faces that initially looked horrible like someone really smiling out of the sun. NASA Sun  Twitter handle wrote “Say cheese! Today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the Sun “smiling.” This picture has been captured through an ultraviolet camera that captured dark patches caused by coronal holes and regions where fast solar winds gushed out into space.

The picture has already accumulated 11000 likes and 2500 retweets. Some of the users have said that its creepy but cute another one has written

“Pretty cool but at the same time, horrifying,” wrote one user. “Say cheese! and then make the earth a grilled cheeseburger,”.



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