Have a look of spectacular image of Phobos, Moon of Mars

A spectacular image has been shared by the Twitter account Amazing Astronomy that shows the clearest image of Phobos also called Mars’ Moon. This image shows craters on the surface of this moon and opens the avenue of research on it.

This moon of Mars was discovered on Aug 17, 1877, by Asaph Hall. Phobos is the larger of the two moons of Mars. It orbits Mars three times a day and is so close to the surface of Mars. One of the things that will shock you is that this moon is nearing Mars at a rate of six feet every hundred years.

This will either lead to a crash of this Moon and Mars in the next 50 million years or break up into rings. If we talk about the composition of these moons it is composed of C-type rock, similar to blackish carbonaceous chondrite asteroids. Phobos has got no atmosphere and it can be just an asteroid but some experts deny it.

If we talk about Mars it is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the solar system. One of the interesting things about this planet is the highest known mountain Olympus Mons also called the largest volcano that’s found on this planet.



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