Get to know what made humans to think about the presence of water on Mars and what denies it

Mars has always been one of the most intriguing planets for humans. Because humans see the possibility of inhabiting Mars and while Musk is working on it you need to know about this interesting conundrum of scientists. In 2011 NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took some images that posed an interesting question for scientists and researchers.

The images showed mysterious marks on Mars which were later named recurring slope lineage(RSL). The thing that grabbed the eyeballs was the change in the pattern of these RSLs in different seasons on Mars. After mind-boggling sessions and work, scientists said that this is because of liquid water flowing downhill on Mars. And this is followed by the hope that RSL can be a good place for sustaining life on Mars.

But if it’s science it’s more likely to be challenged than accepted and something similar happened. New evidence suggested that RSL only occurs on slopes that are steeper than 27°. But if it’s water, isn’t it supposed to flow both steep and shallow slopes? The same question rejected the idea of RSL formed by the water flow on Mars. So RSL might be formed by the falling of dust and stones.

This news has been shared by Tech Insider on Twitter with a video in which it wrote “Scientists were wrong about the liquid water on Mars”. The video shows the images that were shared by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2011.


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