Rajapaksa’s ancestral house was set on fire

Currently, in Sri Lanka, we all are aware of the dangerous disputes happening in the nation. The economical crisis has increased to such an extent that many people have lost their lives and also Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ancestors’ home is also burned.

Because of protests between the supporters and the anti-government people, a lot of damage has taken place and violence has risen to such a level that the authorities have imposed a curfew nationwide.

The violence counts 5 deaths of people including an MP of the ruling party and around 200 people were injured in the turmoil.

The ancestral house of Rajapaksa was also set on fire which is located in the Southern city of Hambantota in Sri Lanka after some hours when he extended his resignation letter to the President.

The video of setting the house on fire by protestors is surfacing all over the internet about how the beautiful ancestral house was burned.