Passenger lands the plane after pilot becomes disabled

A man took charge of the plane with no flying experience in the midair after the plane’s pilot became unconsciousness. The passenger, however, by a miracle, was able to land the plane safely.

Consequently, the plane went down on Tuesday at the Palm Beach International Airport. WPBF-TV in Palm Beach got the video of the emergency after the air traffic control got a radio call. Surprisingly, the call was made by the passenger of that plane. He stated that he has got a serious situation as the pilot was disable to fly the plain.

The passenger was not less than a hero. He stayed calm till the tower operator gave the guidance. After being asked about the location of the plain, he calmly replied every single detail he saw. Accordingly, the tower operator guided him to maintain the wings level. Also just to try to follow the coast, either north or southbound till the operator locate them.

After a few minutes, the operator located the plane 25 miles from the airport. Somehow the tower operator also gently gave the instructions to the passenger. The plane not only landed safely, but it was not less than a respectable landing even for a licensed pilot.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now investigating into the incident. However, FAA has not yet released the names of the passenger or pilot. Also, it has not revealed the condition of the pilot.