Twitter leads as the no.1 news app on Google App Store!

Recently, Elon Musk inherited Twitter and the era of Twitter 2.0 began. The microblogging app Twitter is now leading as the no.1 news app on Google’s app store. A Twitter user Doge Designer also posted about the same on their Twitter account.

Earlier, various mainstream media platforms protested against the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk a while ago. Most media houses in the U.S. are led by propaganda and detest free thought and free speech to a huge extent. They had also posted about the same on their social media posts prior to its big billionaire acquisition of Twitter.

Elon Musk wrote a few comments on this user’s Twitter post. He added that the media want to control what you know. This is why citizen journalism is essential. He also questioned why the American media went from questioning the state and speaking the truth to the power to doing their bidding. This is an important matter of concern indeed.

All in all, it is clear that Twitter is leading as the no.1 news app on Google’s app store as it valued the free thoughts, opinions, and views of its users, of the citizens of America. It allowed a free flow of it. The app Twitter became a great promoter of citizen journalism over a short period of time. That is why Twitter is at the forefront of the news today.

Other users in the comment section of Doge Designer’s Twitter post added screenshots of the app leading as the no. 1 news app.



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