The festive season is back, get ready with these hacks to book a confirmed tatkal ticket

The festive season is back and people are getting ready for it. Before that, get ready to know one thing that’s going to help you a lot while preparing to travel at the last minute. The railway is no doubt a cheap way to travel when you are looking for a ‘tatkal’ ticket but it can be sometimes tedious to get a confirmed seat ticket at the last minute. Especially when it comes to those trains where you hardly see less crowd throughout the year. But here is the hack that you can use to ensure that you only get a confirmed seat. 

Keep the details ready

Tatkal train ticket comes at a cost that is keeping count of time. You need to keep yourself prepared with all your details from passengers’ information to travel details and upload them as soon as possible. The maximum rush on the portal is around 10 am. 


Create a ‘Master list

Now that you have got all your results ready let’s see how to reduce the time of filling in this essential passenger information to just minutes. For that go to the IRCTC website’s ‘My Profile’ section and create a Master List with all the passenger information. This master list would be utilized for future booking and you are advised to create a. ‘Travel List’ for each trip that you are planning. This whole process will reduce your time by multifold and you won’t have to wait for so long to fill in all the credentials that are necessary for a passenger to fill. 


Check station codes

Being known with the initial and final destination station name is not enough because you cannot afford to lose time when booking a ‘Tatkal ticket’. So keep your notebook or diary close to you where you should have written the code of those two stations. If you have been thinking that you would be able to do it with the name of the station in mind at the time of booking you are taking a big chance and reducing the chance of getting a confirmed ticket. 


Decide on berth preferences

You will be asked about your birth preference but if you are thinking that you would get time then I would say no. Keep your mind vacant for this because if you are going to choose lower birth you are very likely to not get it. So to keep the procedure easy going we would refrain from making any reference and will leave this procedure to happen by itself.


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