Several news websites are facing issue with Google News

Google News has been showcasing a major issue recently. Many news websites are facing a common issue. The Google News section is not displaying the News Excerpts below the headlines.

Recently, Google updated itself with a new look and feel. The arising issue may also be a result of this.

Usually, when a user searches the browser for a new or browses the news section, the excerpt of particular news is displayed below the news. But at present, many news websites that even include the likes of the Hindustan Times are facing this issue.

Google hasn’t made any official statement or announcement regarding the inconvenience from their side. This problem is also reducing the traffic of the various news websites. It should also be noted that Google also recently updated their algorithm.

The prevailing issue is expected to be looked over by the concerned authorities at the earliest. An excerpt gives a reader an early insight into some of the main information of particular news. It helps the audience decide whether they would dig deep into the news or not. This is an important element for news websites.

If the issue is not resolved at the earliest, it is going to hamper the news organizations.