Nerbian RAT, a new threat to the cybersecurity; be alert!

Nerbian RAT, a new remote-access trojan written in the Go programming language has been spotted targeting businesses in Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

The newly identified Nerbian RAT malware supports various anti-analysis components. Consequently, these components are spread across various stages, including multiple open-source libraries.

In the operating system (OS), Go programming language is compiled into 64-bit systems. It supports several encryption routines so as to evade the network analysis further.

The messages, less than 100 in number were claimed to be from the World Health Organization. Consequently, it was about the safety measures related to COVID-19. This messages included the victims latest health advice in a macro-laced Microsoft Word document. Also, it had guidance related to Covid-19, including steps for self-isolation.

Trojan was provided mainly to log keystrokes, capture screenshots, and carry out arbitrary commands. Apparently, both of the remote access been developed by the same author, the person who created this threat is still unknown. However, it is said that the malware could be customized and can be used for future attacks. Although now, it can only take over the Nerbian RAT.