Matt Hancock MP, a former health secretary, will make his Metaverse debut to discuss Web 3.0

Former health secretary Matt Hancock MP will talk about Web 3.0 this summer to explain why it’s a significant advancement and why it needs to be delivered with caution. In response to the ongoing debate about the Metaverse’s role in industry and society at large, the event is being hosted. Shift, Whitespace’s Metaverse-enabled online collaboration tool, is powering it.

Matt Hancock MP, who served as the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport in 2018, oversaw the digital transformation of health and social care at NHS X and launched the NHS app. He is currently recognized as the first MP to have a personalized avatar that is displayed during the Shift Metaverse event.

He believed that Open Standards should define the Metaverse rather than a small number of elite organizations. The Matt Hancock Metaverse event uses the Shift platform to enable multi-layer communication and targeted networking to show how businesses can use virtual worlds for discussion, debate, and innovation. This boosts creativity and production within and between the public and commercial sectors.

In his discussion, “Web 3.0: What The Future Holds and Why It Must Be Open and Safe,” the West Suffolk MP addresses his worries about the Metaverse becoming a platform held by a small group where it is not genuinely free and open. He also acknowledges that authorities must define what is safe and secure and where the boundary between free speech and hate speech should be drawn.

He contends that we must learn from both Web 1.0, which relied on open standards, and Web 2.0, which witnessed the creation of social platforms that are closed off from one another and that define what consumers will and won’t accept. He contends that the Metaverse shouldn’t be dominated or controlled by more than one or a few companies. It should be governed by liberal ideals and transparent standards that encourage participation from all people in public discourse.

According to Andrew Webber, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer of Whitespace, “the Metaverse is an extremely powerful arena where events can be organized that foster discussion, discussions, and collaboration—all of which are vital to innovation inside the Enterprise environment.”

“The Metaverse is an enormously important and fascinating new technology,” Mr. Hancock remarked. Right now, we have the chance to ensure that the future generation of communications is determined by open standards, not just by a select few organizations and that it is also free and open.


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