Internet Explorer can still be awakened on the Windows 11 OS

A Twitter account named Tom Warren has shed light on Microsoft’s hidden virtue awakening Internet Explorer in its Windows 11 Operating System. Microsoft announced that it would cease support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, words spread like rapid fire, and Internet Explorer was announced officially dead on June 26. The whole world hosted its funeral and Twitter broke into memes with the trending hashtag InternetExplorerShutDown.

No one would have expected the undead to be awakened and now after a month, the verified Twitter handle of Tom Warren explains how Microsoft is still running Internet Explorer and preventing anyone from accessing it. According to reports Microsoft has disabled Internet Explorer in Windows 11 to create the first version of Windows Operating System without an IE. The Windows 11 Operating System is designed in such a way that if anyone tries to access the IE, the Windows will launch Microsoft Edge instead of that.

However, the Senior Editor at The Verge, Tom Warren demonstrate the ways Internet Explorer can run on Windows 11 and it is because of the “ancient” coding in parts of the Operating System. One can search Internet Options in the Start Menu and launcg Control Panel to select Programs tab. Upon selecting the tab anyone can click on “manage add-ons” and then click “Learn more about toolbars and extensions.” This will launch the Internet Explorer into the system and will help to bypass commands forcing into Microsoft Edge. Even on Windows 11 where IE isn’t suppose to be running will run like every Operating System’s nightmere as observed.