Google Play Store forced to allow third-party app stores as soon as next week

In 2022, Google was fined for its control over the Android platform by India. Now on Thursday Indian Supreme Court issued decisions and demands. These may force Play Store to allow other app stores as soon as next week. Google now needs to comply within seven days from the point of ruling on January 19.

Though this news turned out to be happy news for developers. CEO of Indus OS, a third-party Android app store, called this news a “watershed moment”. Also, the CEO of MapmyIndia, a service that competed with Google maps, said that felt “elated” after hearing this news.

According to Reuters, Google’s request to block a set of demands from the Competition Commission of India was denied by the Supreme Court of India. Google requested to block the demands as according to them that these demands would “hurt consumers” and “stall the growth” of the Android platform.

Let’s see the demands from the Competition Commission of India

  • Google would no longer be able to force manufacturers to pre-install its Apps on Android devices in order to use Play Store
  • Google would be forced to allow access to Play Store on Android “forks,” heavily customized versions of the platform
  • Play Store would be required to host third-party app stores and that Android would not restrict sideloading apps “in any manner”



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