Check out the new Samsung Checkout update and how you can install it

A system app named Samsung Checkout is included with Samsung cell phones. Its functionality is related to making payments and purchases utilizing legitimate Samsung applications. It is also in charge of controlling payments made when customers buy apps from Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Thanks to Samsung Checkout, users may have a better buying experience on Samsung. This will help users By quickly and securely enrolling a payment method. Thus the user can make frictionless payments regularly inside the device environment.

Samsung Checkout also provides a complete global monetization platform. This enables you to integrate a variety of revenue models and marketing strategies into your services.

A new update for the Samsung Checkout with a new version of and an enhanced package size of 20.61MB will be made available. The expected date of availability is  November 2022. Galaxy smartphones running Android 11 or older can use the update. It can take a few hours or days for it to reach all compatible devices because this is the first deployment.

Here are the steps on how to get the Samsung Checkout update

By selecting Galaxy Store



Tapping on the refresh symbol,

you can manually install the most recent update. The website supplied below also has the most recent update.



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