Apple addressed problems regarding its Display Studio and promise to fix it

Apple is aware of the audio issues its users are experiencing while using its $1,599 Studio Display although the company doesn’t have a permanent solution to fix it. A problem regarding Apple’s Studio Display has been noted in an internal memo distributed to Apple’s network of authorized service providers that was obtained by MacRumors. According to the memo, users are advised to unplug the Studio Display from its power source and disconnect accessories, and then connect the monitor and power it after 10 seconds.

Apple’s Studio Display is designed to perform tasks of other devices typically found on a desktop computer such as built-in speakers, microphones, and webcam. However, recently several users have also reported problems regarding Studio Display across Apple’s support pages, Twitter, and MacRumors forums. According to the users, Studio Display’s issues include sound dropouts, distortion, and choppy playback.

Several users reported that they have been experiencing audio cut-offs after a few seconds of its playtime, also users were struggling to use their speakers on Display Studio as it won’t connect properly, and some users faced choppy audio.

Apple has addressed the issue in their memo and suggested that the issue is not in the hardware settings of the Studio Display rather it can be easily fixed with a software update. However, Apple promised to fix the issue sooner but the company didn’t provide an exact date or time when they will deliver the software update.