More devices to be launched on 1st December along with Xiaomi 13 Series

According to new teasers launched by Xiaomi along with Xiaomi 13 Series, there are some more devices-The Xiaomi Sound Pro, The Xiaomi Router 10000, and The Xiaomi mini host to be released on the 1st of December in China at 7PM.

Let’s Know about the other Devices

The Xiaomi Sound pro

A brand-new audio system with “an understanding of music” and other features is most likely for the smart home. They might involve an upgrade to an integrated display or some other type of visual interface if Xiaomi’s cryptic hints are any indication.

The Xiaomi mini host

It’s Xiaomi’s first desktop computer to be launched equipped with a high-performing hardcore productivity tool. It’s presented In a box-shaped cool design that is compactable to carry and occupies less desktop space.

The Xiaomi Router 10000

It is the first-ever 10-gigabit router from Xiaomi which is seen to have a modern antenna array and could be prepared for Wi-Fi 7 when it launches.

The Xiaomi is trying to  establish its own ecosystem and launching its new electronic products in every accessories related to television and smartphones.


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