Rogue Legacy 2 and Tunic are the highest rated Xbox games

Rogue Legacy 2 excels in every metric imaginable. The gameplay is quick, tight, and balanced. Graphically, it’s simple but striking. The music is fantastic, and the story is intriguing but not in an overbearing way. At $25 USD, this is something that every fan of the genre, new or old, should try. It takes everything that was good about the first game and improves on it while smoothing out many of the rough edges.

Xbox Game Pass added Tunic to its lineup of games, allowing subscribers to jump into the highly-rated, Zelda-esque experience. Tunic takes the form of an action-adventure title that players control from an isometric view. The game did not appear on the previous list of Xbox Game Pass titles for March 2022.

The tunic is a dungeon crawler that will alter your perception of reality. The majority of the text is written in an unintelligible runic language, making it one of the most reality-bending puzzle games of the modern era.

Tunic is a place where you never know what’s going on, but you always get the feeling that there’s more to it than meets the eye a hidden world of possibility just waiting to be discovered.