“I can’t stop playing Wordle”, says Bill Gates

Beginning in 2022, puzzle and brainteaser enthusiasts flocked to Wordle in droves, taking over the internet. Wordle is still used often today, and Bill Gates has acknowledged his infatuation with it.

Given his status as co-founder of Microsoft, one of the biggest computing companies in the world, some people might not be surprised to find that Gates enjoys brain puzzles. He doesn’t claim to be the best Wordle player, but he has been quite dedicated to the game from the moment he first began playing it.

Bill Gates wrote a piece about Wordle, some of its ripoffs, and his own use of it that he posted on his website. Gates claims that in either February or March, he began incorporating Wordle into his morning routine. He searches for more brainteasers for the day on Wordle clones like Quordle and Octordle, but like many Wordle aficionados, he is limited by the fact that there is only one word accessible to guess each day on Wordle.

Wordle piques Gates’ curiosity, but not simply because it helps wake up the brain in the morning. Additionally, Gates says he enjoys Wordle’s social component, which allows him to regularly communicate with other users. Wordle’s popularity has increased since it allows users to share their findings without disclosing the day’s words. Fans can see how long it takes their friends to figure out the word and try to guess it faster to match or beat that score.

Gates has developed a somewhat detailed plan for utilizing Wordle, similar to the bulk of other people. He likes to start with words that have multiple vowels, like “Adieu” or “Ounce,” to see which ones are there. He enjoys thinking about common pairings of consonants when solving, such as “c” and “h,” which helps him logically reduce them. He admits that there have been times when he has run out of options after eliminating all but one letter, even if that one letter still contains a variety of potential answers.

Along with Wordle and a few of its similar offshoots, Gates also enjoys Nerdle, a game similar to Wordle that places an emphasis on math rather than language. Gates claims that his performance on Nerdle is marginally superior to that on Wordle. The Wordle formula has been applied to a wide variety of topics and themes, giving people like Gates a vast choice of options. Although Wordle may not be as popular as it once was, it is still easy to use and is likely to continue to be so for some time.


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