Google’s new multiplayer Doodle game lets a player play a game of péntanque

Google has launched a new multiplayer Doodle that offers a user to play a game of péntanque. Péntanque is a game like bocce ball. 

The goal of the game is to throw your ball (the boule) as close as possible to another little ball (the conchonnet) on the field in front of the user. A user can throw the ball on their pc by double clicking on the boule. To slingshot the boule, forward the mouse can be used. On a phone, a user can toss the boule with their thumb. Points are received by throwing more boules close to the cochonnet than the opponent. 

The game can be played one on one and also in teams of two by link share. One can also match up with random users online for opponent games. Google also offers a tutorial and practice option. 

Previously Google launched their first multiplayer Doodle to celebrate Halloween in 2018. Google released another one to celebrate Mexican card game Loteria in 2019. Along with this the company has also produced many other Doodle games in the past. 

The games results are calculated after three rounds. The player with more points after those three rounds ends up as the winner. It is convenient to have some test rounds in the practice option before jumping into actual matches.