Elon musk shared the Bandai Namco logo’s brightness issue in today’s tweet

Elon musk shared the Bandai Namco logo issue in today’s tweet. The issue was going on since the release of the Elden Ring game on their platform.

Bandai Namco is a Japanese multinational Video game publisher and has branches in California and the European country France. One month back, This company released Elden Ring game which became popular among ardent game players in a short time. since this Elden Ring game is addictive, It is said that many of the players didn’t like the idea of getting up from the couch to get some fresh air.

Today Elon Musk, an American Entrepreneur brings the Bandai Namco logo’s brightness issue again in his tweet.

The tweet reads, ” Blinding White Bandai Namco logo closest thing to sunlight Elden Ring Player has seen in weeks.”

The most important thing that Players couldn’t tolerate was the high brightness of the Bandai Namco Logo. Most of the players close their eyes to escape from the logo’s irritation as they already play in the darkroom to feel the real ambience of the game.

Even doctors said, ” The Bandai Namco Logo is so astonishingly bright, at a high enough dosage, it could serve as an acceptable substitute for sunlight under certain Circumstances.”

It is said that the Bandai Namco logo’s brightness is closest to the sunlight in Elden Ring game