Xbox working on fixing launching games and starting Cloud Gaming session issues

The Xbox users are experiencing issues launching games and starting Cloud Gaming sessions. Xbox took to their Twitter handle promising that users should be able to make purchases again. The Xbox teams are still looking into problems and will soon update on their status page.

The Xbox Network is the infrastructure that drives the majority of the Xbox gaming experience, and disruptions to this network can severely limit the capabilities of the entire Xbox ecosystem. The service does not frequently experience large-scale outages that affect a large number of users, but today, months of stable operation are disrupted by a new Xbox network out.

The Xbox network is down, and many Xbox family console and service users are reporting problems with the Microsoft Store, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and even launching and playing digital games. The Xbox Network team is currently looking into the crash and potential solutions, but the situation has not improved.

Disabling the Xbox network has no effect on Xbox accounts, multiplayer games, social features, or other linked services and features. If you can run the game, it should work as usual, including cloud saves, achievements, and more.