Ultrahuman Ring is the first ever real-time metabolic tracker available in India

The Ultrahuman Ring is India’s first metabolism tracker wearable developed by a Banraluru-based start-up company with the same name Ultrahuman.

The tech-based startup company has revolutionized technology in their latest innovative wearable that is designed to provide real-time metabolic biomarkers data. The Ultrahuman ring will measure movement, sleep, and body’s energy dynamics in real-time for delivering biomarkers data. The ring will also be providing you with recuperation advice to help live a healthier life.

The Ultrahuman Ring works like magic with no screen or unnecessary vibrations or constant pop-up notifications instead it lets the wearer check the associated app to measure data regarding the metabolism. The Ring can be charged once to wear for successive 5 days as it holds a strong battery life. It can endure tough weather situations, be it rain or heat.

Ultrahuman’s co-founder Mohit Kumar and CEO Vatsal Singhai say that the product can work alone or in combination with Ultrahuman M1, the advanced glucose monitoring platform. They further add that they understand biomarkers have the capacity to provide optimum data about someone’s health and the company has built its product keeping that in mind. The ring will also be giving the wearer insight into the impact of glucose metabolism from sleep deprivation. The real-time biomarkers are helpful in producing data in regards to the activity the wearer is involved in. The Ultrahuman Ring is available at only INR 18,999 such a cheap cost for maximum health.