The upcoming Nokia G21: features and price in India

The Nokia G21 is a low-cost 4G Android phone that may make sense if you want to buy SIM-free, putting an end to the days of paying large monthly mobile bills.

The Nokia G21, as well as the even cheaper Nokia G11, were announced in February 2022. The latter device is similar, but has a lower-quality camera and may be worth considering if you only need a phone for the basics.

The G21 costs £149.99 / AU$299 (roughly $200), but it is not currently available in the United States.

The Nokia G21 has a lightly ridged plastic back that does not attempt to pass itself off as glass or metal from afar. Because there is no light-reactive layer, its appearance is rather understated. The textured rear effect adds some traction.

Nokia chose a round camera housing in the previous generation device. The Nokia G21 has a more understated rounded rectangle in one corner of the device.

The teardrop notch on the Nokia G21 replaces the punch-hole unit. Its side-mounted fingerprint scanner is reliable, and while it is slower than a mid-range Android, it matches the overall tempo of the phone.

The Nokia G21 has a 6.5-inch LCD screen, which is exactly what we’d expect in a low-cost device. It’s a 720p panel, not a 1080p one like you’d find in a higher-end phone.