Get ready for HUAWEI Watch Buds’ launch on December 2nd – It’s soon!

HUAWEI is all set to launch the Huawei Watch Buds on December 2nd, 2022. The company shared the teaser of the smartwatch for us to get on the edge. Several brands are all set for their mega launch in the month of December. Xiaomi is bringing in its whole line of gadgets on the 1st of December. According to a poster leaked online, Xiaomi is also bringing in its first Desktop computer in the market to compete with HP, Dell, and other established brands.

Take a look at this Huawei Watch Buds teaser posted on Twitter:-

In the teaser, we can see two buds on the inside of the display. Huawei Watch Buds will contain two wireless earbuds which will be revealed with a press and release button that would help you to open the smartwatch to extract the buds. 

The opening of the watch is also displayed here in this leaked gif posted on Twitter:-

With its 2-in-1 design, we’re all looking forward to Huawei’s watch buds even more!


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