Do you want to send or reply a message from Galaxy Watch 4 and 5? Here’s the process; check out

You want to send a message from the Galaxy watch, but you don’t know how to do it. Here’s the process to send messages:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatches are some of the most adored wearables on the market because of their brand-new and cutting-edge features. The watches have the ability to connect you to a call and send a message. We all knew how to answer calls, and now we are going to explain how to send a message through the Galaxy Watch.

Additionally, when you decline an incoming call or provide responses via instant messaging. The One UI Watch 4.5’s QWERTY keyboard, which allows you to choose between input modes when texting, including keyboard, voice input, and handwriting, also adds interest to text messages on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

Steps to follow 

On your smartwatch, first, browse and choose the Messages app. Choose the message or the contact icon to start a new message. Enter or choose your recipient now. Choose the message from the log if you wish to respond to an ongoing conversation instead. There are several options available when it comes to sending or receiving texts.

Microphone: If you can’t type, then speak in to watch it will translate your words into text

Voice recording: You can record your voice through a voice recorder and can share it as a file

Emoji: You can select emoji whatever you want to send

The entire group will get your response when you reply to a group message. Tap the More option (the three vertical dots) on the right side of the screen, followed by the recipient, to reply to a specific recipient. After choosing the intended recipient, touch the Message icon.

You can’t utilize third-party chat services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Google Hangouts since they can’t be installed on the watch.


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