49% Mega Off on Apple 44 mm Watch Strap from Croma

In the era of having everything smart, from people to watches, it has been quite a competition. A lot of brands, especially gadgets, have come up in the market with various smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches. One such brand is Apple. Apple is among the most popular ones may it be for their iPhones or iWatches.

Now how can a watch be worn without a strap right? Apple Watch gives you the option to change the straps according to your wish and color. Suppose you buy an Apple Watch in the color black, later you want it to match your blue outfit. So, you can buy the Apple strap available and buy it in any color from online websites.

What will be the price of the Apple Strap?

The Apple 44 mm Apple Watch Strap from Croma will cost you Rs. 1995. The price of the 44m Apple Watch Strap was set at Rs. 3,900 but you’re saving a total of Rs. 1,905, which is 49% off the total price.

The link to buy the product: Here

Let’s check out what the Apple Strap is about

The 4.4 cm Regular Sport Band for the Apple Watch provides you with the ideal fit for your wrist. In order to maintain consistency in terms of your watch’s appearance and functionality when you regularly use your Apple Watch, the old band must always be changed out for this new one.

  • Material Fluoroelastomer
  • Durable and Strong
  • Innovative Pin-and-Tuck Closure
  • 4.4 cm Regular Sport Band
  • Product Type: Strap
  • Suitable for: Smart Watch
  • Compatible Model Series/Number: Apple Watch 42 mm and 44 mm
  • Durable, Strong, and Soft
  • Innovative
  • Pin-and-tuck Closure Ensures Clean Fit


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