Samsung’s revealed design of Galaxy S23 sets alarm for Apple to work harder than before

Samsung was to pack for this year and Apple was happy after its launch of the iPhone 14. Everything was happening in its usual way. Apple and Samsung were ready to start the preparation for the next launch. But a leak changed everything overnight. That leak was of Samsung’s new series Samsung Galaxy S23 which was planned to launch next year.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23 images got leaked on a website that shows some peculiar design changes that the next series will bring. Only if you don’t see this phone from the rear it would look like Samsung. 

But the rear part has something that has changed everything. Apple’s conservative design phone will have to work harder than previously to compete with this phone in the market. Galaxy S23 comes with a 6.1-inch display and S23 Plus has a 6.23-inch display. The size of both differs marginally which may reveal something about the battery difference of both phones. The front side has more or less the same design that Samsung used to offer in earlier phones. The rear part gives the idea of a triple camera that is present there as a bump on the rear side. We can expect it to give 50 MP and 12 MP of ca


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