Polestar 2 EV makers introduced Apple CarPlay to Android Automotive Operating System

Polestar is an electric vehicle manufacturing company and one of the first EV makers to adopt Google’s Android Automotive Operating System. The company has stated that its Polestar 2 which is a 100% electric sedan car will now support Apple CarPlay.

Google’s Android Automotive Operating system (AAOS) is a media platform that is built inside of the cars by the makers to download compatible media apps directly into the cars without the need for a smartphone. The Apple CarPlay is built to function similarly with a built-in display setting. Several apps found on iOS can be utilized directly via the car’s display without having to reach iPhone.

According to sources, customers of Polestar 2 can be able to connect their iPhone to the vehicle’s 11-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. They will also have the facility to utilize the goodness of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Polster’s infotainment system has introduced the latest version of Android Automotive in their new all electric-vehicle which is designed to compete with Tesla. The company had a prototype version of Android Automotive.

However, the car company has successfully branched out the open-source operating system and established its own solution. The company has introduced that Polestar 2 is ready to support CarPlay in its Android Automotive Operating System. Reportedly, this is a new initiative taken by none of the EV makers. They have successfully established a direct link with Apple’s primary rival Google.

Polestar 2 EV riders will now be able to access Android Auto-approved apps such as google maps, play music, as well as google assistant without needing to use their smartphone.


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