Nokia 110 2022 with such interesting features will compel you to think about it

Nokia has again launched one of its new models with the name of Nokia 110 2022. The phone has one rear camera and an inbuilt music player with a 1000 mAh battery. If We talk about additional specifications available we would see an auto call recording option, FM radio, color display, and an inbuilt torch. Let’s talk about its features in detail. 

If We talk about its price it would cost around Rs 3,999. In this price cap, this phone is among the best flagship phones to grab. Nokia 110 2022 version has a sleek design and agronomic physical keyboard. It would be available in various color options. With its compact design, it would be easy to use with one hand and you would be able to use a micro SD card in it. It comes with 32 GB expandable memory and a 1000mAh battery. Nokia 110 2022 would cost around Rs 1,799. Nokia is offering free earphones with it.

This deal in this festive season is the best to have and you can buy it in sales going on Amazon and Flipkart. 


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