Here is how you can get an iPhone 13 mini at just $599

Massive display smartphones are in high demand. It is visible in the latest iPhone 14 lineup. All of them are massive phones. The massive iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 14 series has effectively killed the mini. What if you can get an iPhone 13 mini at $0.

This incredible offer comes from Verizon, a US telecom company that is offering a massive price cut to allow you to enjoy the iPhone 13 mini for free. It is normally priced at $599, but the deal allows you to own it for $0.

However, you must meet certain requirements in order to receive this iPhone for free. All you have to do is own the device while signing up for a Verizon plan. Furthermore, the deal takes an intriguing turn in that you do not need to trade in an old smartphone to receive this discount. Here is how you can get this free iPhone 13 mini deal from Verizon.

  • Select Add a new line with ‘Specific plans required.’ “A new line is required,” beneath the variants option.
  • Continue by selecting a new user option, which will bring up a new screen where you must enter your ZIP code and confirm your location.
  • Following that, you will see several Verizon plans to get the iPhone 13 mini for free, from which you can select one and proceed to make payment for the 36-month period.
  • Make the payment, and you’re done; you’ll soon be able to enjoy the last iPhone mini phone.


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