Drop introduces details of new DCX keycaps for your Keyboards

Keyboard specialist Drop has announced a new lineup of DCX keycaps. Instead of making it flashy they have kept rather a simple profile simple. DCX keycaps are available in two simple designs, black and white, and a small selection of primary colors.

Drop is trying to get the details on point so that they can compete with GMK in the market. GMK is a German manufacturing company responsible for producing the best quality keycaps. GMK produces keycaps in the format of “Cherry” profile while “DCX” refers to the keycaps produced by Drop. Though both keycaps promise the best quality for clients, DCX’s keycaps start from a price of $89 and GMK’s keycaps cost $110.

Drop provides better quality keycaps within an affordable range.  The keycaps contain thick ABS double-shot plastic material with a cylindrical design. Drop is also using very different wordings at the bottom with no Windows key. Drop keyboards are most compatible with Linux computers.

On the overall analysis drop’s keycaps are definitely edgy in design and highly adjustable within such an affordable range.


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