Best Gaming Mobile phones under Rs 30,000

Mobile phones have imprinted a permanent space in our life’s.

We have nothing majorly without a mobile phone.

However, many childrens use mobile phones for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Nowadays, it has become a necessity to use a Mobile. Besides, budget is a matter to be recognised.

Moreover, there are many expensive smartphones which require good economic support.

But, there are many low price phones, which can support good quality gaming mobiles along with good speed.

The following are the top gaming phones –

1)OnePlus Nord CE 2 GB –

The Nord has 6 GB RAM along with 64MP+8MP+2MP rear camera with 16MP front camera along with 4500 mAh battery which has fast charging.

2)OPPO F21 Pro –

OPPO F21 has 8GB RAM along with 64 MP+2 MP+2 MP rear camera which has 32 MP Front Camera along with 4500 mAh battery with has fast charging.

3)Samsung Galaxy M53 5G –

It has 6GB RAM with 108 MP+8MP+2MP+2Mp rear camera alongside 32MP Front camera which has 5000 mAh battery along with fast charging.

Gaming really needs a good amount of storage in the device.

Certain games need a large space for installing and using it freely. Hence, it is recommended to opt for good storage capacity mobile phones.


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