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When looking for a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cover, there are a few important things to think about, including bulk, durability, waterproofness, and weight.

One of the greatest smartphones available, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, has a wide range of features. You need a phone cover to safeguard it if you want to keep using all of its features and sophisticated design for a long time.

When looking for a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cover, there are a few important things to think about, including bulk, durability, waterproofness, and weight. Additionally, comfort is important because you might require a case that allows for hands-free reading.

The top Samsung Galaxy S20 FE covers available right now are listed below.

Otterbox Defender Collection

A durable case that provides your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone with trustworthy protection is the Otterbox Defender Series. Your phone is shielded from shocks, drops, and scratches thanks to its multi-layer design. Additionally, the case incorporates an antibacterial ingredient that prevents microbial development and protects the outside from common germs.

For hands-free viewing, this case includes an integrated holster that also doubles as a kickstand. You may participate in outdoor activities like trekking and camping without worrying about losing your phone by attaching the holster to your belt or bag.

The raised edges of the Otterbox Defender Series for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE provide additional protection against damage to the camera and screen. Additionally, it includes port covers that prevent dust and lint from entering ports and jacks.

The rugged design of the case gives you a tight hold if you work outside, such as on a construction site, allowing you to use your smartphone securely without worrying about drops or other unforeseen damage.

Key Features

Multi-layer defence

Built-in holster

Rugged design

Raised edges


Brand: OtterBox

Material: Polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber, polycarbonate

There is no wireless charging support.

Size: 7 oz.

There is no screen protector included.

the thickness of 1.54 inch

Spigen Rugged Armor 2

The Spigen Rugged Armor is a flexible case with a special spider web pattern and Air Cushion Technology for optimal stress absorption. Additionally, the screen and camera have raised lips around them to prevent scratching.

The sleek body of this case makes a statement. It has a sleek frame with carbon fiber details and glossy accents for a touch of class. You may use your smartphone safely without compromising attractiveness because of its appealing design.

This Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cover is useful for making charging easier. You can charge your device wirelessly and in reverse without having to lug tangled cords around with you.

The thermoplastic polyurethane used to create the Spigen Rugged Armor case is a strong material. As a result, it won’t require replacement for a long time and will continue to offer trustworthy security.

Key Features

Air Cushion Technology

Raised lips

Carbon fibre design


Brand: Spigen

Material: TPU

Yes, Wireless Charging Support: Yes

The weight is 1.06 ounces.

There is no screen protector included.

the thickness of 0.5 inch

The Arae Case

The Arae case is a great option if you can’t resist displaying the original colour and design of your phone. Your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a translucent design that makes every function visible, making it attractive to hold in your hands or to set down on a desk.

Because it is composed of TPU, which is stain-and fingerprint-resistant and simple to clean, the case maintains its perfect appearance for a very long time. This case’s edges are made of reinforced TPU, which not only provides additional protection in the event of drops but also maintains the case’s shape even after repeated removal and installation.

Ultra-fine particles inside of this cover hold your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone firmly in place, so it won’t fall out. It features frosted sides to give a tight grip and more stability.

Key Features

Transparent material

Shock absorption

TPU edges


Brand: Arae

Material: TPU

There is no wireless charging support.

0.023 ounces in weight.

There is no screen protector included.

thickness of 0.5 inch

Dual Guard Desire

A slim Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cover called the Crave Dual Guard achieves a mix between style and protection. You may select the phone cover that best matches your style from a variety of colours, including navy blue, pink, lilac, crimson, and forest green, to name just a few. It adds very little mass and has a compact appearance, making it simple to hold.

To safeguard your phone from drops, the case has dual-layer thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate protection. It is also constructed of rubber, a flexible material that is both shock-absorbing in the event of drops and makes removal and installation simple.

Because this case supports PowerShare and wireless charging, you can conveniently keep your accessories charged for continuous usage even when there isn’t a power outlet nearby. Additionally, this is useful if you forget to bring your charger.

Key Features

Compact design

PowerShare/wireless charging compatible

Shock-absorbing corners


Brand: Crave

Material: polycarbonate, rubber, TPU

Yes, Wireless Charging Support: Yes

2.08 ounces in weight.

There is no screen protector included.

the thickness of 0.55 inch


If you want a fashionable case that is simple to use, the Bento Ben is a good option. When holding other objects like keys or cups, it includes an integrated 360-degree rotating ring holder that provides a non-slip grip. The ring holder doubles as a kickstand, so you can watch without using your hands. Even better, the holder integrates with a magnetic vehicle mount for convenient use while driving.

This cover is composed of shock-absorbing silicone to shield your phone from knocks and scratches. The raised lip that surrounds the cameras on your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE prevents them from being scratched. To keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone looking brand-new for a very long time, it also features a soft microfiber cloth on the inside.

The cover contains accurate cutouts that make it simple to reach all ports, allowing for a smooth connection whether you want to recharge your phone or use wired headphones.

Key Features

Interior: soft microfiber

Rotatable ring kickstand

Raised lip around the camera



Silicone and rubber gel

Yes, Wireless Charging Support: Yes

1.76 ounces in weight.

There is no screen protector included.

the thickness of 0.55 inch


With an IP68 rating that protects your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone for an hour at 6.6 feet underwater, the ANTSHARE case stands out. This makes it a fantastic choice for activities performed underwater, including swimming.

The integrated screen protector, which guards against dust infiltration and scratches, is this case’s additional standout feature. Your phone’s screen will remain sensitive and brand-new for a long period in this way. Additionally, the cover includes a transparent back so you can show off your phone’s beauty. You may charge your phone wirelessly as the clear back is thin, eliminating the need to take the cover off.

Because it is comprised of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, the casing is durable. This substance lasts a long time and protects your phone from bumps and damage.

Key Features

It offers 360-degree protection.

IP68 water resistance rating

built-in screen protector



Material: Polycarbonate, TPU

Yes, Wireless Charging Support: Yes

0.176 ounces in weight.

Yes, a screen protector is included.

the thickness of 0.39 inch


This case’s toughness is one thing you’ll immediately notice. It has a tough polycarbonate exterior and a stretchy synthetic rubber exterior. Your phone’s edges, screen, and cameras are reliably protected by this dual-layer design. The Korecase’s round-bubble inside lining, which cushions shock in the event that your phone drops, is another protective feature.

You can set your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone on a level surface in landscape mode to watch content thanks to the metal ring kickstand on the back. The metal ring may be used seamlessly while driving because it is also compatible with magnetic vehicle holders.

Even with sweaty palms, the rough texture of this case makes it comfortable to handle for extended periods of time. The metal ring is useful because it tightens the hold and lowers the possibility of unforeseen falls.

Key Features

round bubble design.

Flexible TPU

PC carrying case

Metal ring kickstand


Brand: Korecase

Stainless steel, TPU, and polycarbonate are the materials used.

There is no wireless charging support.

1.94 ounces in weight.

There is no screen protector included.

the thickness of 0.5 inch

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