Android can take note from the features of Google and iOS 16

Google and Apple learn from each other during feature updates. Their features are inspired by each other such as customization, design, or accessibility features.

iOS 16 has a depth of field vision on its lock screen with a realistic photo gallery especially selected. The lock screen also holds a smart clock with health, stock, battery, and weather updates. The color can also is changed according to the mood. The color of the features on the lock screen can also match the wallpaper color.

Google also has specialized Glance widgets on its lock screen which provide similar features just like iOS. It has weather and date shown at all times. It also has added features like tropical storm warnings, boarding passes before getting on a flight, and upcoming events to keep you end-to-end updated. The colour is compatible with the wallpaper but it is also changeable giving it an extra added advantage.

iOS 16 has a Photo sharing option that shares family photos to the shared gallery of everyone whose phones are attached with. With this feature, all family members can have an equal amount of shared photos together.

Google Photos have also been using this technique by means of using the Partner Sharing option for a long period of time.

Apple Maps now let you add 15 stops to a route on the map while Google Maps are still stuck at 10 stops per route.

Both Google and iOS have an advanced voice recognition feature that helps them to generate captions for any content swifter and more efficiently.

Google and iOS have already done it now it’s time for android to upgrade itself.



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