What are administrative virtual assistant duties?

No matter whether you are from the industry of finance, real estate, eCommerce and whether you are a solo running business or business owner who runs a medium-sized company, it is impossible to do all the work like administrative tasks, marketing travel arrangements, answering emails, paperwork, managing calendar work, respond to customers inquiries, etc. by your own. You may try to do all the work on your own, but it becomes a challenging and time-consuming thing for you, and you may not be able to do work on time. So to manage the work correctly, you need to hire an administrative virtual assistant company like ossisto.com.

By hiring a virtual administrative assistant, you as a business owner get more time to make strategies for business growth. Suppose you are not hiring a virtual assistant. In that case, it is sad for you because you wasted most of your time on essential admin assistant duties rather than spending time with shareholders, potential partners and holding meetings for creating new business ideas and strategies. Hiring an admin virtual assistant can save costs wasted on wrong things, do tasks correctly, and many more things.

Here we will discuss what an administrative virtual assistant is, what are the duties of a virtual assistant, and why you as a business need to hire a virtual assistant like ossisto.com.

What Is An Administrative Virtual Assistant?

An administrative virtual assistant is a person trained to deal with or do essential day-to-day tasks of your business with their skills. They do all the tasks independently and allow company leaders to focus on other business matters. They function similarly to your administrative assistant, in-house executive assistant, or administrative assistant. The difference between these all administrative jobs and virtual administrative assistant is that they do all the work remotely without visiting your office. In today’s world, administrative assistants play the role of the right hand to CEOs and are battle-hardened. They are the communicators between CEOs and other departments. The core responsibilities or duties of admin VA are answering calls and mails of business, managing a calendar, data entry, scheduling meetings, etc.

Nowadays, many websites give the services of virtual assistants to businesses. For example, ossisto.com provides the best virtual assistant services to businesses at affordable prices.

Duties Of The Administrative Virtual Assistant:

  1. Data Manipulation: Data entry is an ordinary task that every administrative virtual assistant can do, but now many administrative assistants can do more than data entry typing jobs. Following are the tasks that you can assign to the virtual assistant related to data management or recording:

* Entering data of business into business spreadsheets with accuracy and perfection.

* Data analysis for business in which virtual assistants analyze and minimize the raw data and statistics and use that data to prepare practical presentations or reports that are helpful for business decisions.

* Bookkeeping for business in which they can record all the business’s financial transactions, enter cash flow data, upload receipts, etc., in digital form.

* Maintain a database management system so that product and customer data information should be up-to-date.

* Use of a payment tracking system so that your business can collect payments and keep accurate records of all the transactions.

* Scheduling bill payments of your business so that the company will pay the bill on time without any penalties and extra fees.

* Prepare charts, graphs, and diagrams to present data graphically in the presentation.

* Use CRM software for your data management so that customer data will be accurate and you can create data reports easily.


  1. Personal Works: Your administrative virtual assistant handles company tasks and has to do your personal life works as well. They do things for you like:

* Book or arrange tickets for your weekend trips and vacations.

* Organize your calendar and to-do list.

* Help to purchase gifts, stationery, hardware, etc.


  1. Customer Support: Administrative virtual assistants do the following customer support duties for your business so that you can make your customers happy with your services:

* Phone support, in this virtual assistant, phone support will answer the customers’ questions about your business products or services on behalf of you over the phone.

* Email support, in this assistant, has to monitor and answer the queries related to your business product and services through email.

* Chat support, your business support uses a virtual assistant to respond to customers’ challenges, questions, and concerns on messaging or chat platforms.

* Virtual assistants do sales or cold calling for you to make outbound sales and search for new customers for you.

* Identify potential leads for your business through manual lead generation methods like industry research, lead generation software, and online networking.

* Keep in touch with leads or potential partners by answering their questions or queries and sending relevant information.

* Onboarding assistance, in this virtual assistant, Onboarding assistance welcomes new employees in the company and tells them relevant information about the company, communication guidelines, tools and software which the company uses, and more.


  1. Manage Finances: Virtual assistants can do taxes for you and do basic accounting at the end of the day. Administrative virtual assistants help businesses to manage finances. They help maintain budgets, keep track of expenses, and make purchases on your behalf. Maintaining the proper records from the start helps the virtual assistant easily calculate taxes at the end for your business.


  1. Social Media Management: Nowadays, social media plays an essential role in digital marketing. Businesses can attract potential customers for their business from social media platforms and make connections with them. Administrative virtual assistants do the following social media tasks for your business:

* Scheduling posts

* Create content to share on your social media accounts

* Analyzing reports and statistics

* Connect or engage with your followers

* Be active on your social media accounts

* Track what goes viral on social media, etc.

Conclusion: Administrative virtual assistant companies like ossisto.com are the ones who help businesses, whether small or medium, to manage their daily routine tasks effectively and efficiently. By hiring an admin virtual assistant, business owners get more time to make strategies for the growth of the business. The admin virtual assistant does many duties for the business, some of which we discuss above. It will help you to understand the value of virtual assistants.