Tunisian water tech startup develops ‘Kumulus’ a machine for producing drinkable water

The co-founder, Iheb Triki developed a machine named ‘Kumulus’  which develops drinkable water from solar energy and air.

Kumulus is established in a school because there is a shortage of drinking water in Arab countries.

However, Arab countries have a great water shortage as compared to the whole world.

Additionally, water scarcity and depletion of underground water are increasing during climatic changes.

So keeping severe climatic changes in mind, the company has established Kumulus -1.

The capacity of Kumulus is, it can produce up to 30 litres of drinking water from solar energy and air.

Moreover, the machine replicates the phenomenon of morning dew.

It filters the air within the machine and later cools the water inside the machine.

The machine produces water from moisture in the air in Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.


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